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Click on the button above to download virus removal tool. The process will consume a few seconds, just specify the location on your computer where the downloaded file would be saved. After that, drop your mouse on that location and double click .exe file to execute and then to remove malwares and fix PC issues completely.

User Guide: How to Run Virus Removal Tool

Step 1: Install the software as mentioned above. Click the installed executable application file. The main interface will be displayed, you just have to click on the “Scan Computer Now” for the software to run a full PC scan immediately to find out hidden malicious files and malwares.

Step 2: Let the software complete the scan. A progress bar will indicate percentage of files and drive being scanned. As soon as the scan is finished, you can see a thumbnail view of the files, threats detected and what is the threat level of that particular threat.

Step 3: Full System Restore in Progress, wait to get it completed

Step 4: “System Guard” is yet another feature which on turning on provides a real time protection from malwares and other malicious threats 24X7 and ensures that no threats enter your system and remove likewise if there is any in the digital box.

Problems in Downloading Virus Removal Tool? Follow these instructions

Unable to download virus removal tool? It is probably happening because the virus in your system is not letting the download to happen. Harmful viruses or malwares alter settings of the browser in such a way that if you will try to download, it will either redirect the page or will block the process in between. Hence, in order to complete the download successfully, these instructions should be followed….

Open Internet Explorer browser and then under Tools menu, click Internet Options

Click on Connections Tab over there

Switch to LAN Settings

Uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and click OK button

Unable to install the downloaded Virus removal tool file? What Should I do?

If a virus happens to reside in your system, problems like a file is not being downloaded or installed happens all the time. Here also, the same thing is happening. The exe file of the removal tool might have got corrupted or deleted by the virus and hence you are unable to execute the file to install it. Hence, to carry out the installation work successfully, you need to boot your PC in the safe mode. Follow these instructions to do it.

Step 1:

Boot your PC, soon as the PC shows the Windows logo, immediately after that hit F8 button continuously. This will load the Advanced boot options that includes Boot PC in the safe mode with networking, hit it. If the PC makes any beeping sound, ignore that.

Step 2:


Next screen will come up with option to choose what operating system you want to boot with. If your PC is showing this screen, choose from a list of OS installed in your PC or if there is only one, skip it and hit Enter to boot.

Step 3:


The previous steps will proceed with a pop up on the screen that states that your PC is running the safe mode. The message contains two buttons; click on the Yes button to continue and proceed further.

Step 4:


Tap the Start Button and then choose Run to execute. Type the following path in the text box under run…

“REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Network\MSIServer” /VE /T REG_SZ /F /D “Service”

Step 5:


Check if the path entered is correct and after confirming everything, press OK button to continue.

Step 6:


After all this, open Run again and this enter “net start msiserver” and click OK to finish..

You are good to install virus removal tool without any problems now.